Sunday, 8 September 2013

The tooth the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth

As far as i can remember my life has revolved around yes - believe it or not the "tooth the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth". I am as some would say to the manor born; coming from a lineage of path breaking dentists in India starting with my uncle Dr Prem Prakash -the pioneer orthodontist of our country. Ably followed up my my stalwart Parents Dr Anil S Malik an eminent orthodontist as well , My dental Celebrity Mom Dr Neelima A Malik an oral and maxillofacial surgeon.
All three of them a tough act to follow ; stalwarts in their own right. Each day i try to live up to their name and am inching my way slowly but surely to carry on the legacy of excellence in dentistry.
My childhood ambition was to be a writer/Journalist and this blog is to satisfy my creative urges now and again as well as create public awareness with regards to dentistry and new dental breakthroughs.
Whenever someone asks me where i learnt dentistry i say i learnt it by Osmosis ; that leaves them dumbfounded but truly thats the best way i can describe it  as it was in my surroundings 24X7 hence the permeability was high. I was the cute kid in the clinic who sat on the receptionists table at age 5 and copied her mom by giving post tooth extraction instructions, or the child whose favorite pastime at restaurants was diagnosing faulty bites of fellow diners to impress my dad .Crazy right !! But thats the tooth the whole tooth (lol).
Why is my blog called Hand to Mouth Existence? Here's the story whenever im at parties and i introduce my self as a dentist/prosthodontist the follow up line is oh you must be loaded. I always tell them its a "hand to mouth existence" pun totally intended!! Our Hands in your mouth ; saving ; restoring ; beautifying those pearlies and its a tough job as any other; battling the wars waged by saliva and the mighty tongue each and every day and coming out a winner day after day every day is no mean feat. ;)
Here's to more of my random ramblings.
For now Be nice to your Dentist and have a nice day !!

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  1. Good to see you dentist author! Looking forward to see more ramblings! :)